In 2001, NJ founded the leading and renowned Infosec community tools portal ToolsWatch.org.
During year 2011, NJ co-founded with UBM Tech (Black Hat, Defcon) and since then manage the Black Hat Arsenal event improving its development and expansion from USA to Europe and Asia. Today the Arsenal is the World’s largest security event dedicated to open source tools demonstrations. NJ is also maintaining vFeed IO the largest correlated vulnerability and threat Intelligence database used by 1000+ security companies
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Rachid Harrando was the CEO/Co-Founder of NETpeas, a start-up that built an award winning innovative Cloud Security Solution and has over 15 years of Information Technology and Information Security experience providing services and solutions to achieve organizations’ business goals thanks to security measures. He joined SERVICENOW, the Everything As A Service Company, in the office of the CISO team! Since 2011, Rachid has been the co-organizer of the Black Hat Arsenal conference in USA, Europe and Asia.
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Maximiliano SOLER
Maximiliano Soler lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently works as CTO for ArtsSEC, a start-up securing digital transformations, with a strong focus in Penetration Testing and Web Application Security. Maxi has discovered vulnerabilities in different applications and products. He has also taken part in conferences such as Black Hat, DEF CON, OWASP AppSec, EKOParty, H2HC, 8dot8. He is permanently involved in different open source projects related to Web Application Security.
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