Announcing the First Black Hat / ToolsWatch SecTor Toronto 2023 Arsenal Tools and Their Impact on the Community

Announcing the First Black Hat / ToolsWatch SecTor Toronto 2023 Arsenal Tools and Their Impact on the Community

In the world of cybersecurity, innovation is the name of the game. The constant evolution of threats and vulnerabilities demands that security professionals stay one step ahead. To aid in this ongoing battle, the ToolsWatch team (Rachid Harrando & NJ OUCHN) is proud to announce the debut of the First Black Hat / ToolsWatch SecTor Toronto 2023 Arsenal Event.

The Arsenal Tools are a collection of powerful, cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and technologies that have been handpicked to enhance the capabilities of security practitioners, researchers, and enthusiasts. Their introduction into the community is a momentous occasion, as they promise to bring new dimensions to the field of cybersecurity.

So, what exactly makes these Arsenal Tools stand out? Firstly, they are meticulously curated by ToolsWatch Team and thus since 2011, who scour the digital landscape for the latest and most effective solutions. These tools are not just another addition to the already crowded cybersecurity toolkit but a selection of top-tier resources.

But this announcement goes beyond just introducing new tools; it’s about building a stronger and more collaborative cybersecurity community. By providing these Arsenal Tools to the public, the ToolsWatch team is fostering an environment of knowledge-sharing and empowerment. In a rapidly changing threat landscape, the ability to adapt and stay informed is critical, and these tools are designed to assist in achieving just that.

In conclusion, the announcement of the first Black Hat / ToolsWatch SecTor Toronto 2023 Arsenal Tools is a momentous event in the realm of cybersecurity. It not only introduces a collection of powerful tools but also marks a commitment to community growth and knowledge-sharing. As we look forward to their release, it’s clear that these Arsenal Tools will have a lasting impact on the security landscape, empowering professionals and fortifying our defenses in an ever-evolving digital world.

Please see below the impressive Lineup !

Drone Remote ID spoofer and low cost receiver application

Speaker: Llorenç Roma


Streamline Kernel Debugging with LIKE-DBG: Automating the Pain Away!

Speaker: Christopher Krah


findmytakeover – find dangling domains in a multi cloud environment

Speaker: Aniruddha Biyani


Security Attacks as Software Tests: Building dev-oriented AppSec challenges with Play open source SDK

Speaker: Pedram Hayati


Slim (Toolkit)

Speaker: Nnenna Ndukwe


CNAPPgoat: A Multicloud Open-Source Tool for Deploying Vulnerable-by-Design Cloud Resources

Speaker: Noam Dahan, Speaker: Igal Gofman



Speaker: Angelo Delicato, Speaker: Daniele Capone, Speaker: Gaetano Perrone


Windows On ARM Rootkit Detector

Speaker: Rotem Salinas


Defending GitHub Actions: Unmasking Attack Vectors and Verifying Integrity with eBPF

Speaker: Mor Weinberger, Speaker: Jose Donizetti


ThePhish: an automated phishing email analysis tool

Speaker: Emanuele Galdi, Speaker: Gaetano Perrone


HAWK Eye – PII & Secret Detection tool for your Servers, Database, Filesystems, Cloud Storage Services

Speaker: Rohit Kumar


A Ghidra Visualization is worth a Thousand GDB breakpoints

Speaker: Luke McLaren


Introducing RAVEN: Discovering and Analyzing CI/CD Vulnerabilities in Scale

Speaker: Alex Ilgayev, Speaker: Elad Pticha



Speaker: Greg Christopher


Entropy-based Malicious DICOM Detector

Speaker: Rakesh Mahanthi, Speaker: Shyam Sundar Ramaswami

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