Amazing Black Hat Arsenal USA 2019 Lineup Announced

Amazing Black Hat Arsenal USA 2019 Lineup Announced

After days of though reviewing, the whole Arsenal team has selected nearly 94 tools. Most of them will be released during the event.

This USA session will introduce as well a new daily meet-up in the Arsenal Lounge called “Arsenal Intro to Open Source”. This casual gathering will allow the audience to discuss their current projects, receive feedback from our ToolsWatch team, connect with other open source contributors, and learn about the Arsenal program and how to become a presenter.

Black Hat Arsenal will be 8 years old in July 2019. It started in 2011 as tiny side tools demo area in the hallways of the Caesar Palace.

The rest is history 🙂

Few pictures from the first Black Hat Arsenal 2011 (we were young and innoncent back then). My thoughts go to our friend Brad Smith who sadly never attended the next session.

We want as well to deeply thank Fyodor who joinded the first edition to present Nmap. This helped a lot to promote the “unknown” event parked between 2 rest-rooms :)))

So please, if you attend the Black Hat, do not forget to swing by the Arsenal area the 7th & 8th August 2019 at the Mandalay Bay / Las Vegas.

Here you go for this Amazing Black Hat Arsenal USA 2019 Edition Lineup

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