Black Hat Arsenal USA 2018 The “w0w” Lineup !!

Black Hat Arsenal USA 2018 The “w0w” Lineup !!

Just woow. Finally after few days of reviewing, selecting, unselecting, doubting, screaming and re-reviewing. The Blackhat¬† & ToolsWatch team released the selected tools for the USA Arsenal”cuv√©e”2018 and it will dazzle more than one.

In fact, we have been surprised by the quality of submitted tools at some point we were even doubting that few were really open-sourced or community edition. But they were. It just tell us the effort, the heart and the guts people are putting in their tools.

So I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who submitted and not got accepted. It is not because your stuff sucks !! No way, it is because we can’t fit everyone in 2 days. We promise you we will give you the priority for the 2 next coming sessions in London and Singapore. I promise !

Meanwhile, congratulations for all those who got their pass to present in the Arsenal USA 2018. This event becomes the “EVENT” to be while you attend the Black Hat. Thanks to UBM/Blackhat team for their awesome job to make things big.

See below why I w0wed ūüôā



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