Vote for the Black Hat Arsenal Top 10 Security Tools – CLOSED

Vote for the Black Hat Arsenal Top 10 Security Tools – CLOSED

We are happy to introduce a new survey mainly focused on the Black Hat Arsenal tools demonstrated over the last 6 years. The Arsenal started at the Black Hat USA in 2011 as a minor event to unexpectedly grow crescendo over the years.

Average 170 tools are presented every year in USA, Europe and Asia making the Arsenal the world’s biggest security tools event. As you may noticed, it is not a minor stuff anymore. In fact, it is now one of the reasons many people are attending the Black Hat conference.

Do you know this dude ? Dave Mirza Ahmad, the great hacker from the old days (SecurityFocus, BugTraq ..)

And as an effort to keep a track of the presented tools since the Arsenal inception,  we have initiated the “Official Black Hat Arsenal Security Tools Repository” project.

Therefore to make this project useful for the community, we highly recommend to the speakers to submit their tools to be part of the repository.

Photo Credit Help Net Security

Meanwhile, you can start vote for the tool that caught your attention (even if you did not attend yourself any of the Black Hat past conferences).

Vote and get a prize

The voters will be chosen randomly once the vote is over. So please, send your real email.

  • Prize 1 (1 voter) : 1 full-conference pass to Black Hat USA 2018
  • Prize 2 (1 voter) : 1 full-conference pass to Black Hat Singapore 2018
  • Prize 3 (3 voters) : 200$ discount code for either Black Hat Singapore or USA.

The pass does not include plane and hotel !!!


January 8th 15th 2018


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