GramTest – Fuzzing with grammars

GramTest – Fuzzing with grammars

GramTest allows you to generate test cases based on arbitrary user defined grammars. The input grammar is given in BNF notation. Potential applications include fuzzing and automated testing.


When you compile the project using maven it will generate a single Jar, that can be run from the command line as follows:

java -jar gramtest.jar -file grammar.bnf


To take a look at all the additional options, you can run java -jar gramtest.jar -h which will print the details as below.

usage: gramtest [options]
 -dep <depth of rules> maximum depth for recursive rules
 -ext <extension> file extension for generated tests
 -file <grammar file> path to the grammar file (in BNF notation)
 -h,--help prints this message
 -max <max size of test> maximum size of each generated test
 -min <min size of test> minimum size of each generated test
 -mingen <minimal generator> use minimal sentence generation
 -num <number of tests> maximum number of test cases
 -tests <test folder> path to the folder to store generated tests

More Information: here


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