nullinux v3.5 Null Session Tool

nullinux v3.5 Null Session Tool

nullinux is an internal penetration testing tool used for null session identification and enumeration. nullinux was written in the python programming language and designed for security practitioners using the Kali Linux operating system.

Its key features include the ability to:

  • Target multiple hosts at once.
  • Port scan target(s) in order to verify open SMB ports.
  • Quickly fingerprint a network looking for vulnerabilities such as outdated operating systems or versions.
  • Attain directory listings of shares statically set by the user and dynamically enumerated for each host.
  • Create a nulllinux_users.txt file of all user accounts found for further exploitation.
  • Provide clear concise output for end users.

nullinux assumes Python 2.7, the Scapy module, and the Samba package are installed on the users machine. All come standard in the Kali Linux Distribution.

More information: here

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Thank you to Mike Brown, for sharing this tool with us.

MaxiSoler @maxisoler