SsidyMetrics v1.0 PineAP log file analyzer

SsidyMetrics v1.0 PineAP log file analyzer

SsidyMetrics reports metrics of Wifi Pineapple PineAP log files. Script handles parsing and collation of multiple log files, storing them as tab-delimited data files.

Reported metrics include unique MAC count, average number of SSID’s per device, most common SSID’s, top device manufacturers and number of log events.


usage: [-h] [-m [METRICS]] [-o] [-t] [-d DATA] [-c CORRELATE] [-r] [-v] [pineaplog [pineaplog ...]

PineAP log consolidation and metrics
positional arguments: pineaplog PineAP log file(s)
optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit
-m [METRICS], --metrics [METRICS] Show metrics; limit results to specified value (Zero for all)
-o, --oui Do not perform device manufacturer lookup (Default: False)
-t, --test Parse but do not save data file (Default: False)
-d [DATA], --data [DATA file] Use existing data file
-c [CORRELATE], --correlate [CORRELATE log file] Check log against data file for matching MACs
-r, --report Display Events by SSID and client count
-v, --version Displays the current version of SsidyMetrics

More Information: here

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Thanks to Benjamin, for sharing this tool with us.

MaxiSoler @maxisoler