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FruityWiFi with new Faraday module v1.0

FruityWiFi is a wireless network auditing tool. The application can be installed in any Debian based system adding the extra packages. Tested in Debian, Kali Linux, Kali Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi), Raspbian (Raspberry Pi), Pwnpi (Raspberry Pi), Bugtraq, NetHunter.

About Faraday
Faraday introduces a new concept – IPE (Integrated Penetration-Test Environment) a multiuser Penetration test IDE. Designed for distribution, indexation and analysis of the data generated during a security audit.

The main purpose of Faraday is to re-use the available tools in the community to take advantage of them in a multiuser way.


FruityWiFi Faraday module

This plugin obtains connected clients on FruityWiFi and creates a Host, Interface and Vulnerability per client. To execute the plugin, you need to write “fruitywifi” on Faraday console.
Auth Token, Severity and Server (FruityWiFi) can be changed from plugin options.

FruityWiFi Module

Faraday module for FruityWiFi has been released. It creates a Host, Interface and Vulnerability on Faraday every time that a new client connects to FruityWiFi.

Changelog v1.0

  • FruityWiFi v2.4 is required
    AP module v1.5 is required

More Information: here

Thanks to our friend xtr4nge, for sharing this tool with us.

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