WarberryPi v2.0 Tactical Exploitation

WarberryPi v2.0 Tactical Exploitation

The WarBerry was built with one goal in mind; to be used in red teaming engagement where we want to obtain as much information as possible in a short period of time with being as stealth as possible. Just find a network port and plug it in.

The scripts have been designed in a way that the approach is targeted to avoid noise in the network that could lead to detection and to be as efficient as possible. The WarBerry script is a collection of scanning tools put together to provide that functionality.


Changelog v2.0

  • Added support for VOIP, rlogin, openvpn and IPSec scanning
  • Added nearby Bluetooth devices scan
  • Added optparse installation in README
  • Changed menu to use optparse
  • Added support for granular attacking
    • -r –recon : This attack mode will only run the recon modules without performing any port scans
    • -i –interface : Manually specify the interface to use. Default is eth0
    • -H –hostname : Set this flag to disable changing the WarBerry’s hostname during bypass modes
    • -p –packets : Manually set the number of packets to capture. Default is 20 packets
    • -e –enumeration : Set this flag to disable the enumeration scripts
  • Added bootstrap script for automatic installation of dependencies
  • Updated man pages
  • No need to pass the attack type now. Default is -A –attack
  • Enumeration flag is under bug testing



python warberry.py -h


  • –version show program’s version number and exit
  • -h, –help show this help message and exit
  • -a ATTACKTYPE, –attack=ATTACKTYPE Attack Mode. Default: –attack
  • -p PACKETS, –packets=PACKETS Number of Network Packets to capture
  • -I IFACE, –interface=IFACE Network Interface to use. Default: eth0
  • -i INTENSITY, –intensity=INTENSITY Port scan intensity. Default: T4
  • -P, –poison Turn Poisoning on/off. Default: On
  • -H, –hostname Change WarBerry hostname Default: Off
  • -e, –enumeration Turn enumeration mode on/off. Default: On
  • -r, –recon Recon only mode. No port scans
  • -S, –sniffer Sniffer only mode.
  • -C, –clear Clear previous output folders in ../Results
  • -m, –man Print WarBerry man pages

example usage:

sudo python warberry.py -A
sudo python warberry.py –attack
sudo python warberry.py -r

[button size=large style=round color=red align=none url=Download WarberryPi v2.0]Download WarberryPi v2.0[/button]

Thanks to Yiannis Ioannides, for sharing this tool with us.


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