Pip3line v3.0.1 Raw Bytes Manipulation Tool

Pip3line v3.0.1 Raw Bytes Manipulation Tool

Pip3line is the Swiss Army knife of Raw Bytes Manipulation. Originally design as a replacement for the lousy decoder from Burp, it has since took a whole different turn toward raw bytes manipulations. Learn about its modularity and some of the less well known powerful functionalities to make for an easier pentest or reverse engineering.

The latest version feature a complete UDP/TCP proxy capabilities, and can adapt to your most of your interception needs.

Changelog v3.0


  • New Packet Analyser tab
  • Implement insert transform in transform tab
  • Add new shortcut ctrl+(shift)+I to insert null byte after (or before) the current selection
  • Add delete shortcut in hexview (mostly for Apple Mac OSX users)
  • Add delete button to folded views
  • Add Save as default to file menu
  • Add address sanitizer build option [ ENABLE_ADDR_SANITIZER ]
  • Add line and column of the text cursor current position in Text view
  • Add one more example in the XPath query transform
  • Add New Tab menu in File menu and tab header menu
  • Add “Save now” functionality in the settings dialog
  • Add option to select font for regular display
  • Add configuration gui for the default incoming blocks server
  • Implement TextView based on QScintilla [ WITH_SCINTILLA ]
  • Set “Pip3line_params” to a dict in Python scripts even when it is empty
  • Move everything to C++ 11 standard

Fixes and Misc .Modifs

  • Change behavious when moodifying transform in transform tab (does not delete the transform following the current one now)
  • Fixing Python libraries > 3.5 path mess on Windows
  • Fix selection ‘issue’ in the hexview
  • Libtransform make the first instance of TransformMgmt globally accessible
  • Icon change for the TransformTab “auto copy” feature
  • Fix update issue with the burp plugin “send to” port
  • Fix minor bug with transform tab reset and folded views
  • Performance improvement when selecting text/hexa
  • Fix small regexp gui issue
  • Fix cmdline parameter bug
  • Update Build-process.md
  • Minor fix for python plugin (disabling pre-compilation by default)
  • Fixing extern declaration for Windows
  • Prevent floating tabs to stay on top all the time
  • Replace the crossplatform header with
  • Include the releases Github link for downloads
  • Fix restoring Markings
  • Progress bar for load/restore is now “infinite”
  • Fix infinite loop clogging the CPU
  • Fix search on text tab
  • Improve and simplify the burp plugin
  • Fix folded misc behaviours

More Information: here

[button size=large style=round color=red align=none url=https://github.com/metrodango/pip3line]Download Pip3line v3.0.1[/button]

Thanks to Gabriel Caudrelier, for sharing this tool with us.


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