SMOD Modular Framework for Pentesting Modbus Protocol

SMOD Modular Framework for Pentesting Modbus Protocol

smod is a modular framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to pentest modbus protocol. It is a full Modbus protocol implementation using Python and Scapy. This software could be run on Linux/OSX under python 2.7.x.

The Modbus/TCP protocol was used as the reference protocol to display the effectiveness of the test bed in carrying out cyber attacks on a power system protocol. Modbus/TCP was chosen specifically for these reasons:

  • modbus is still widely used in power systems.
  • modbus/TCP is simple and easy to implement.
  • modbus protocol libraries are freely available for utilities to implement smart grid applications.

You can use this tool to vulnerability assessment a modbus protocol.

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