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SGOS – The Subgraph Hardened and Anonymized Operating System

Subgraph (folks behind Vega) Operating System SGOS was designed from the ground-up to reduce the risks in endpoint systems so that individuals and organizations around the world can communicate, share, and collaborate without fear of surveillance or interference by sophisticated adversaries through network borne attacks.


Subgraph OS is designed to be difficult to attack. This is accomplished through system hardening and a proactive, ongoing focus on security and attack resistance. Subgraph OS also places emphasis on the integrity of installable software packages.

Designed for Usability

Subgraph believes that security and usability are not necessarily mutually exclusive. One of our objectives is ease of use, particularly for privacy tools, without compromising effectiveness. Subgraph Mail is the email client, and it was written from scratch partially because of usability concerns expressed around privacy tools.


Subgraph OS is based on a foundation designed to be resistant to attacks against operating systems and the applications they run.



Subgraph OS includes built-in Tor integration, and a default policy that sensitive applications only communicate over the Tor network.


Secure Communication

Subgraph Mail is a new desktop email client written from scratch, with its own implementation of OpenPGP built-in.

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