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[New Tool] WordPress Plugin Security Audit Log v2.4

WP Security Audit Log keeps a log of everything happening on your WordPress blog or website and WordPress multisite network. By using WP Security Audit Log security plugin it is very easy to track suspicious user activity before it becomes a problem or a security issue.

Changelog v2.4 (2016-03-28)

New Features

  • Monitoring of WordPress menus changes from both admin pages and theme customizer.
  • New hook that allows users to create their own custom alerts. Read the WP Security Audit Log Custom Alerts documentation for more information.
  • New alerts for when a either a post, a post or a custom post type is scheduled.

Full Changelog: here


Security Audit Log & Identify WordPress Security Issues

  • New user is created via registration or by another user
  • First time a user logs in to WordPress
  • User changes the role, password or other profile settings of another user
  • User on a WordPress multisite network is added or removed from a site
  • User uploads or deletes a file, changes a password or email address
  • User installs, activates, deactivates, upgrades or uninstalls a plugin
  • User creates a new post, page, category or a custom post type
  • User modifies an existing post, page, category or a custom post type
  • User creates, modifies or deletes a custom field from a post, page or custom post type
  • User adds, moves, modifies or deletes a widget
  • User installs or activates a new WordPress theme
  • User changes WordPress settings such as permalinks or administrator notification email
  • WordPress is updated / upgraded
  • Failed login attempts
  • and much more…


Security Audit Log & Identify WordPress Security Issues

If you own a multi user WordPress blog or website, or a WordPress multisite network installation you can use WP Security Audit Log plugin to monitor your users’ activity and productivity. With WP Security Audit Log WordPress plugin you can monitor:

  • When WordPress users log in or out
  • From where WordPress users are logging in
  • Users who created. modified or deleted categories
  • Users who created a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Users who published a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Users who modified published WordPress content such as custom posts, pages or a blog posts
  • Users who moves content such as blog posts or WordPress pages to trash or permanently deletes it
  • Users who modify WordPress widgets
  • Uses who upload or delete any sort of files
  • and much more…

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