Metabrik v1.20.0 – Perl Brik Platform

Metabrik v1.20.0 – Perl Brik Platform

The Metabrik Platform bind togother a classic Shell with a Perl interpreter as a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) and a ton of small Briks. Briks are reusable components each performing a specific task. You chain Briks together using Perl variables, they are used to pass output of a Brik Command as input for another Brik Command.

By chaining Briks togother, you easily create new powerful tools, just like the UNIX pipe. Today, there is more than 150 Briks available.
Metabrik goals:

  • Glue the Perl language with a shell
  • Give a standardised API to write reusable Briks
  • Self-documented Briks to make them easy to use
  • Only 4 main shell commands to remember: use, set, get, run

Metabrik features:

  • Completion on Brik names, Commands and Attributes
  • Completion on file manipulation
  • Completion on Perl variable names
  • Command history and recalling
  • Customization support with a .rc file
  • Scripting support
  • Multiple Brik repositories support

Metabrik helps you to concentrate on scenarios instead of wasting your time searching how to use a program. You just have to reuse available Briks to perform your everyday job.

Briks also share the same syntax so you don’t have to scratch your head each time you use yet-another-tool, and they also feature integrated help.


Changelog v1.20.0

MERGE: brik::search, perl::module, shell::command, shell::history, shell::rc and shell::script moved to Repository away from Core
new: www::shorten Brik
new: brik::tool Brik
new: system::file Brik
new: client::tcpdump Brik
new: forensic::scalpel Brik
new: antivirus::clamav Brik
new: forensic::volatility Brik
new: image::exif Brik
new: file::raw Brik
new: forensic::dcfldd Brik
new: devel::mercurial Brik
new: file::type Brik
new: remote::wmi Brik
new: devel::subversion Brik
new: image::convert Brik

More Information: here

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Thanks to GomoR, for sharing this tool with us. 😉

MaxiSoler @maxisoler