[New Tool] SpyStudio API Monitor v2.9.2.18500

[New Tool] SpyStudio API Monitor v2.9.2.18500

SpyStudio shows and interprets calls, displaying the results in a structured way which is easy for any IT professional to understand. SpyStudio can show registry keys and files that an application uses, COM objects and Windows the application has created, and errors and exceptions.

SpyStudio is being used in the cybersecurity field to detect application behavior anomalies. The books “Malware Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code” and “Malware Forensics Field Guide for Windows Systems” discuss one way SpyStudio can be used to fight malware.

When tracking down an application issue, SpyStudio can compare a trace of a working application with the trace of the application which has issues. SpyStudio shows the differences in the registry and file system operations, COM object and Windows creations, and the rest of the events.

Changelog v2.9.2.18500 (17-Nov-2015)

  • Added clipboard functions and some driver communication functions.
  • Added Drag & Drop functions.
  • FIX: New Process Monitor functions didn’t work in Compare Traces.
  • FIX: ThinApp template definitions were crashing.
  • FIX: Form Compare: Cancel button wasn’t working.
  • FIX: Stack trace wasn’t working on compare dialog.
  • Several fix fixes.

More Information: here

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