CLOSED – Vote For 2015 Best Security Tool

CLOSED – Vote For 2015 Best Security Tool


Dear Tools Watchers and Friends from far and wide,

Before getting into the main topic of this post, I would like to extend my deep compassion for the next coming generation regarding the aweful events happening almost everywhere.  There is nothing in the entire universe that endorses such acts of hatred. It is your responsibility, young people, to realize that terror is a weapon carried only by the weakest and lowest minds.

This year folks were honored to organize alonside the Black Hat Team 3 sessions of the Arsenal (ASIA, US and Europe).  A lot of tools and amazing ideas were shared with awesome hackers and developers around the globe! We are very happy to be part of this adventure.


The Best Tools as voted by ToolsWatch Readers is back again for the third year. It will be a TOP 10 of Your Favourite Tools tested or used during your various technical peregrination. You will be the sole judges, the results will be based on the statistics.

The Best Security Tools of 2015 will be posted during the second week of February 2016.

[UPDATE] The vote will be closed January 31st 2016 .



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