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Published on November 25th, 2015 | by NJ Ouchn


scapy3k – The Scapy for Python 3

This is a fork of scapy (http://www.secdev.org) to make it compatible with python3. Fork based on scapy v2.3.1 All tests from regression (758 tests), ipsec, and both other test suites pass. Also, I tested full tutorial series Building Network Tools with Scapy by @thepacketgeek using scapy-python3. Please, submit all issues https://github.com/phaethon/scapy preferrably with .pcap files for tests. Bugs for individual layers are usually easy to fix.

There are several new features compared to classic scapy:

  • Windows support without a need for libdnet
  • option to return Networkx graphs instead of image, e.g. for conversations
  • replaced gnuplot with Matplotlib
  • Reading PCAP Next Generation (PCAPNG) files (please, add issues on GitHub for block types and options, which need support. Currently, reading packets only from Enhanced Packet Block)
  • new command tdecode to call tshark decoding on one packet and display results, this is handy for interactive work and debugging
  • some bugs fixed, which are still present in original scapy

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