pycvss3 – Python API Calculator for the CVSS v3 released

pycvss3  – Python API Calculator for the CVSS v3 released made available the version 3 of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). The new system is the latest update of the universal open and standardized method for rating IT vulnerabilities and determining the urgency of response. The updated version includes enhancements such as: the promotion of consistency in scoring, the replacement of Scoring Tips in order to more clearly guide end users of CVSS, and consideration of the system in order to make it more applicable to modern concerns. More information on the standard is available at

pycvss3 is Python library calculator for the newest CVSS v3 and can be invoked from scripts either as API or directly from command line.


  • Added support to Environmental score.
  • Fixed few calculation bugs in class
  • Fixed the non_defined valued in class


  • Initial release with the ability to calculatec the Base and Temporal scores in compliance with the CVSS v3.0 specifications ( The environmental score will be added later despite the fact the formula is in the code and working great.
  • Added to demonstrate how to invoke the class.
  • Added the command line that accepts the CVSS v3.0 vector as input.

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