ToolsWatch Newsletter January 2015

ToolsWatch Newsletter January 2015


During January 2015, we published 13 Posts with 7 News Tools.

Tools! Lots of Tools Released!

Organized by Date

  • [New Tool] CapTipper v0.1 – Malicious HTTP Traffic Explorer Tool
  • [New Tool] Forpix v1.02 – Forensic Images Tool Released
  • PEStudio v8.46 Released
  • WPScan v2.6 Released
  • Wireshark v1.12.3 Released
  • SPARTA Beta Network Infrastructure Pen Test Tool Released
  • SeeS v4.1 Social Enginnering Email Sender Released
  • oclHashcat v1.31 Released
  • [New Tool] Babel Scripting Framework (babel-sf) v0.1 Released
  • [New Tool] Crowbar v1.0 Brute Forcing Tool Released
  • [New Tool] pwntools v2.2.0 CTF Framework and Exploit Dev Library
  • [New Tool] AIEngine v0.8 (Artificial Inteligent Engine)
  • [New Tool] NexusTaco v1.0 SNMP Scanner Cisco Nexus Switches (CVE-2014-3341)


Special Articles

  • IDASynergy: Tool for collaborative reversing with IDA Pro by Cubica Labs
  • 2014 Top Security Tools as Voted by Readers by ToolsWatch Team


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