Faraday v1.0.7 – Pen Test Environment (IPE) Released

Faraday v1.0.7 – Pen Test Environment (IPE) Released

Faraday introduces a new concept (IPE) Integrated Penetration-Test Environment a multiuser Penetration test IDE. Designed for distribution, indexation and analysis of the generated data during the process of a security audit.

The main purpose of Faraday is to re-use the available tools in the community to take advantage of them in a multiuser way.

Design for simplicity, users should feel no difference between their own terminal application and the one included in Faraday. Developed with a specialized set of functionalities that help users improve their own work. Do you remember yourself programming without an IDE? Well, Faraday does the same an IDE does for you when programming, but from the perspective of a penetration test.



Changelog v1.0.7


  • Improved Vulnerability Edition usability, selecting a vuln will load it’s content.
  • ZSH UI now is showing notifications.
  • ZSH UI now is showing active workspace.
  • Faraday now asks confirmation on exit, If you have pending conflicts to solve it will show the number of each.
  • Vulnerability creation is now suported in the status report.
  • Introducing SSLCheck, a tool for verify bugs in SSL/TLS Certificates on remote hosts. This is integrated with Faraday with a plugin.
  • Shodan Plugin is now working with the new API.
  • Some cosmetic changes in the status report.


  • Sorting collumns in the Status Report now is working.
  • Workspace icon is based on the type of the workspace.
  • Opening the reports in QT UI now opens the active workspace.
  • UI Web dates fixes, we were showing dates with a off-by-one error.
  • Vulnerability edition was missing ‘critical’ severity.
  • Objects merge bugfixing
  • Metadata recursive save fix

More Information: here

[button size=large style=round color=red align=none url=https://github.com/infobyte/faraday]Download Faraday v1.0.7[/button]

Thanks to our friend Fran Amato, for sharing this tool with us.


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