[New Tool] OWASP ASVS Assessment Tool (OWAAT) Beta Released

[New Tool] OWASP ASVS Assessment Tool (OWAAT) Beta Released

OWASP ASVS Assessment Tool (OWAAT) is a tool, used to verify Web applications security conformance to the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS). It is licensed under AGPLv3.

OWAAT is a Web-based tool and provides team work capabilities.

It allows to create multiple assessment projects and assign assessment tasks to different users. This tool is written in PHP and JavaScript using the jQuery library.



  • User management: A team of analysts can easily collaborate in an application assessment process.
  • Verification methodology: It allows to define custom verification methods for each rule.
  • Project-based Assessment: Multiple assessment projects can be defined and managed.
  • Task Assignment: It allows to assign assessment tasks to each user.
  • Reporting: It enables to create reports from assessment results.


More Information:

[button size=large style=round color=red align=none url=https://github.com/ghorbanzadeh/OWAAT]Download OWASP ASVS Assessment Tool (OWAAT)[/button]


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