ToolsWatch Newsletter September 2014

ToolsWatch Newsletter September 2014

During September 2014, we published 7 Posts with 2 News Tools.

Tools! Lots of Tools Released!

Organized by Date

  • OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework v6 Released
  • Lynis v1.6.2 Released
  • [New Tool] Hakabana v0.2.1 – Visualization Tool Released
  • Lynis v1.6.0 Released
  • Nmap v6.47 Released
  • Arachni v1.0 – Web User Interface v0.5 Released
  • [New Tool] dirs3arch v0.2.5 – Brute Force Directories and Files


Special Articles

  • Black Hat Arsenal USA 2014 – Wrap up Day 2 by ToolsWatch Team
  • OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework v6 by Ajin Abraham
  • MKBRUTUS: Password bruteforcer for Mikrotik devices or boxes running RouterOS by Ramiro J. Caire & Federico Massa



  •  (IN)Secure Magazine issue 43 (September 2014)


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