ToolsWatch Newsletter August 2014

ToolsWatch Newsletter August 2014

During August 2014, we published 19 Posts with 9 News Tools.

Tools! Lots of Tools Released!

Organized by Date

  • [New Tool] HoneyDrive v3 Royal Jelly – Honeypot Linux Distro Released
  • [New Tool] WPHardening v1.3 Released
  • BHUSA Arsenal 2014: Viproy – VoIP Penetration Testing Kit v2.0 Released
  • Suricata v2.0.3 Released
  • Lynis v1.5.9 Released
  • Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.20 Released
  • [New Tool] OWASP WebSpa Project v0.7 – Java Web Knocking Tool Released
  • [New Tool] OWASP RainbowMaker v1.2 Released
  • [New Tool] iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit (iRET) v1.0 Released
  • [New Tool] XSSYA (XSS Scanner & Vuln Confirmation) Beta Released
  • Backdoor Factory Proxy (BDFProxy) v0.1 Released
  • Volatility v2.4 – Art of Memory Forensics Released
  • [New Tool] Haka v0.2 Protocols and Policies Analyzer Released
  • Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner v3.5.5 Released
  • SAMHAIN v3.1.2 Released
  • XCat v0.7 Released
  • Shellter v1.7 A Dynamic ShellCode Injector – Released
  • [New Tool] American Fuzzy Lop v0.26b Released
  • [New Tool] BackdoorFactory v2.2.1 Released


Special Articles

  • Black Hat Arsenal USA 2014 – Wrap up Day 1 by ToolsWatch Team
  • The CSO’s Myopia by Jordan M. Bonagura

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