[New Tool] Hakabana v0.2.1 – Visualization Tool Released

[New Tool] Hakabana v0.2.1 – Visualization Tool Released

Visualize Haka traffic in real-time using Kibana and Elasticsearch. Haka is an open source security oriented language which allows to describe protocols and apply security policies on (live) captured traffic.


The scope of Haka language is twofold. First of all, it allows to write security rules in order to filter/alter/drop unwanted packets and log and report malicious activities. Second, Haka features a grammar enabling to specify network protocols and their underlying state machine.

The overall goal of Haka is to abstract low-level stuff like memory management and packet reassembly to non developer experts and to provide an easy way to analyze quickly new network protocols.

Hakabana Features:

  • Real-time Statistics: Get real-time stats about network traffic passing through haka: ip, icmp, tcmp, udp, http, dns.
  • Network Flows Geolocalization: Track network flow ip source and destination.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring: Monitor your network bandwidth.
  • DNS and HTTP Traffic: Get info about http and dns connections: dns queries, http requests (uri, user-agent, hosts), and responses.
  • Powerfull customization
    • Haka’s language by exporting your own data
    • Haka’s extensibility by writting your own dissector
    • kibana’s flexibility by customizing your dashboard

More Information: Hakabana

[button size=large style=round color=red align=none url=http://www.haka-security.org/download/hakabana.html]Download Hakabana v0.2.1[/button]


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