Lynis v1.6.0 Released

Lynis v1.6.0 Released

Lynis is an auditing tool which tests and gathers (security) information from Unix based systems. The audience for this tool are security and system auditors, network specialists and system maintainers.

Some of the (future) features and usage options:

  • System and security audit checks
  • File Integrity Assessment
  • System and file forensics
  • Usage of templates/baselines (reporting and monitoring)
  • Extended debugging features

This tool is tested or confirmed to work with at least: AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris. See website for the full list of tested operating systems.



Changelog v1.6.0 (2014-08-27)


  • Added several new plugins to default profile.
  • HostID detection for AIX.


  • Improvements for log file.
  • GetHostID function improved.
  • Improved detection of security repository for Debian based systems [PKGS-7388].
  • Set default values for update check, to avoid error message on screen.
  • Cleanup for mail section, adding IMAP and POP3 protocols.


More Information:

Download Lynis v1.6.0

MaxiSoler @maxisoler