Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.20 Released

Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.20 Released

Mobius Forensic Toolkit is a forensic framework written in Python/GTK that manages cases and case items, providing an abstract interface for developing extensions. Cases and item categories are defined using XML files for easy integration with other tool.

Changelog v0.5.20

  • new extension cellphone-agent
  • report-model: new service
  • report-model: generate ‘%’ instead of ‘%%’ in verbatim environment
  • report-model: do not generate duplicated methods in .py
  • gtk-ui: forbid treeitem DND onto itself
  • gtk-ui: case treeview icon cache implemented
  • gtk-ui: do not expand selected item when item.children is modified
  • skype-agent: “generate report” option
  • skype-agent: disable DND on account view when not selected
  • skype-agent: account tile image repositioned
  • ice: use service
  • sdi-window-manager: call to on_widget_started eliminated
  • partition-viewer: scan only partition-system components
  • partition-agent: update item.children only whether it detects partitions
  • partition-agent-dos: keep item.children when building components
  • turing: test dictionary option fixed


Changelog v0.5.19

  • new extension partition-agent
  • new extension partition-agent-dos
  • datasource-model: new service
  • datasource-imagefile: set datasource.start and datasource.end
  • gtk-ui: reorder treeview only when necessary
  • gtk-ui: tableview column’s new attribute is_exportable
  • hive: better link between HKEY_USERS and NTUSER.DAT
  • hive-report: new report Shared Folders
  • ice: reload items only when item.children is modified
  • ice: remove items by item.uid
  • ice: do not reuse children var in treeview_on_file_dropped
  • partition-viewer: show partition-system.dos components
  • object-model: new method object._copy ()
  • object-model: set class_id attribute
  • category-model: merge in categories from extension’s category.xml
  • turing: test keywords while reading dictionary file
  • turing: importer for John The ripper .john (hashes) file
  • xml-pickle: use class_id to identify mobius objects
  • xml-pickle: delete deprecated code


Changelog v0.5.18

  • hive-report: new report WiFi Network List
  • hive-report: new report Gigatribe accounts for Gigatribe v3.0
  • hive-report: new report Gigatribe download folders for Gigatribe v3.0
  • hive-report: new report Gigatribe requested passwords for Gigatribe v3.0
  • hive-report: new report Ares Search History
  • new extension gigatribe-agent to browse Gigatribe chat files
  • developers-guide: new chapter Mobius’ Software Architecture
  • gtk-ui: new method container.set_content
  • gtk-ui: new method container.get_content
  • gtk-ui: new method container.remove_content
  • gtk-ui: tableview columns accept new attribute is_markup
  • report-viewer: use ui.widget.container
  • datasource-model: fix datasource.get-path bug
  • imagefile-solo: fix Handler.retrieve_metadata bug
  • imagefile-dossier: implement Handler.build_reader
  • datasource-imagefile: better support for solo, dossier and talon in datasource.get-path service
  • copyright (c) 2013 notice


Changelog v0.5.17

  • new extension datasource-imagefile
  • new extension datasource-physical-device
  • new extension imagefile-dossier
  • new extension imagefile-talon
  • new extension imagefile-solo
  • data-sourcerer: improved version, accepting datasource types
  • datasource-model: new service datasource.get-metadata
  • datasource-model: new service
  • datasource-model: service ‘set-default-type’ eliminated
  • datasource-model: service ‘’ moved to datasource-imagefile
  • datasource-imagefile: handles imagefiles DND
  • datasource-scsi extension eliminated
  • datasource-raw extension eliminated
  • datasource-ewf extension eliminated
  • datasource-talon extension eliminated
  • datasource-solo extension eliminated
  • datasource-dossier extension eliminated
  • gtk-ui: new widget ‘container’ implemented
  • gtk-ui: method ‘hide’ implemented for all widgets
  • gtk-ui: tableview.get_data ignore invisible columns
  • data-viewer: better control of selected item
  • data-viewer: handles ‘item.datasource-modified’ event
  • partition-viewer: better control of selected item
  • partition-viewer: handles ‘item.datasource-modified’ event
  • uri-file: file.get_metadata uses datatime.datetime
  • ice: DND before case item bug fixed
  • report-model: global dataholder class Data available
  • turing: import dialog title corrected
  • category-model: category.xml updated
  • xml-pickle: added support to ‘long’ type


Changelog v0.5.16

  • new extension turing-model deploys a cryptographic API
  • new extension turing is a frontend to the turing-model extension
  • new extension hive-turing integrates the hive and the turing extensions
  • gtk-ui: new widget ui.widget.multiviewer
  • gtk-ui: tableview.__iter__ implemented
  • hive: clear registry option implemented
  • hive: emits ‘registry.updated’ event
  • hive-report: user accounts and user passwords reports unified
  • hive-report: user accounts report uses crypt.unhash_win
  • hive-report: new “logon info” report
  • imagefile-split: method is_available implemented
  • imagefile-raw: method is_available implemented
  • imagefile-ewf: method is_available implemented
  • partition-viewer: check if stream is available
  • data-viewer: check if stream is available
  • gtk-ui-treeview: bug fixed in clear method
  • tutorial: new chapter “cracking Windows password”


Changelog v0.5.15

  • new extension gtk-ui-treeview implements ui.widget.treeview with GtkGenericTreeModel
  • new extension partition-viewer
  • hive: uses ui.widget.treeview in reportview
  • part-catalogue: uses ui.widget.treeview
  • part-catalogue: uses ui.widget.attribute-list
  • imagefile-split: better implementation of write method
  • datasource-model: workaround for datasource-scsi size bug
  • datasource-scsi: strips ‘\0’ from metadata


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