Syhunt Sandcat Browser v5.0 Beta 1 Released

Sandcat  is a lightweight multi-tabbed web browser that combines the speed and power of Chromium and Lua. Sandcat comes with built-in live headers, an extensible user interface and command line console, resource viewer, and many other features that are useful for web developers and pen-testers.



This extension pack includes:

  • Cookies and Cache Viewers
  • JavaScript Executor extension — allows you to load and run external JavaScript files
  • Lua Executor extension — allows you to load and run external Lua scripts
  • Page Menu extensions — allows you to view the page headers, cookies, whois information and more
  • Request Editor extension with request loading capabilities
  • Request Editor (Low-Level version)
  • Request Viewer — allows you to view details about a request or replay a request.
  • Ruby Console extension
  • Sandcat Tasks (Extensions that run as isolated processes):
    • Fuzzer extensions with multiple modes and support for filters
    • CGI Scanner extension
    • HTTP Brute Force
  • Script Runner extension — can execute scripts in a variety of languages
  • Tor Button extension — Anonymity for standard browsing
  • XHR Editor
  • Various Encoders/Decoders, new Sandcat Console commands, security related search engine options, and more


ChangeLog v5.0 Beta 1

  • Faster startup and responsiveness.
  • Huge refactoring and cleanup of the current code.
  • The Chromium library was upgraded to the latest release (incredibly fast!).
  • Improved compatibility with 64-bit Windows editions.
  • Improved source code editor.
  • Available as free, open source/community edition (under a BSD-3-Clause license).
  • Built using components and libraries from the Catarinka toolkit (also made open source at the same time with this release and under the same license).
  • Includes the Selenite Lua library a multi-purpose set of Lua extensions developed to make the development of Lua extensions easier in Sandcat. The code for Selenite is now open source, and available under the MIT license.
  • Fixed: output of the SHA1 and the full URL encoders.


More Information:

Download Sandcat v5.0 Beta 1

Thanks to Felipe Daragon, for sharing this tool with us. 😉

MaxiSoler @maxisoler