[New Tool] OWASP iOSForensic v1.0 Released

iosForensic is a python tool to help in forensics analysis on iOS. It get files, logs, extract sqlite3 databases and uncompress .plist files in xml.  It is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License.

Main Features:

  • Application’s files
  • Conversion of .plist files in XML
  • Extract all databases
  • Conversion of binary cookies
  • Application’s logs
  • A List of all packages
  • Extraction multiple packages


Changelog v1.0

  • Get application’s files
  • Convert .plist files in XML
  • Extract all databases
  • Convert binary cookies
  • Get application’s logs
  • List all packages
  • Find packages
  • Extract multiple packages



  • OpenSSH
  • sshpass
  • sqlite3
  • python >= 2.6
  • Python-magic
  • plistutil


  • a jailbroken device
  • OpenSSH
  • syslogd to /var/log/syslog (it’s the name of the application, restart your phone after install)
  • wifi ON
  • on some firmware, usb connection needed


How to use


-h --help : show help message
-a --about : show informations
-v --verbose : verbose mode
-i --ip : local ip address of the iOS terminal
-p --port : ssh port of the iOS terminal (default 22)
-P --password : root password of the iOS terminal (default alpine)

More Information:

Download OWASP iOSForensic v1.0


www.artssec.com @maxisoler