[New Tool] MazeBolt DDoS Simulation SaaS Released

[New Tool] MazeBolt DDoS Simulation SaaS Released

MazeBolt DDoS Simulation offers a real-time, controlled DDoS attack on your network providing you with actionable insights on your current security posture. The simulation is an attack which replicates some of the most sophisticated attacks seen in recent years.


What DDoS attack vectors will be simulated?

  • Volumetric – SYN, Out of state, UDP etc (Up to 3000 Mbits).
  • Application – SlowLoris, Rudy, Pyloris, RefRef, Tors Hammer
  • BOTNet attacks – Simulated attacks from BOT’s in the wild such as DirtJumper
  • SSL – Verify your SSL daemons are not susceptible to attack, THC-SSL
  • Customized attacks – When you schedule an attack we will analyze your network and customize sophisticated attack vectors the same way a group of attackers would do when they decide you are their target!


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