ThreadFix v2.1M1 Released

ThreadFix v2.1M1 Released

ThreadFix is a software vulnerability aggregation and management system that reduces the time it takes to fix software vulnerabilities. ThreadFix imports the results from dynamic, static and manual testing to provide a centralized view of software security defects across development teams and applications. ThreadFix is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 2.0.

The system allows companies to correlate testing results and streamline software remediation efforts by simplifying feeds to software issue trackers. By auto generating application firewall rules, this tool allows organizations to continue remediation work uninterrupted. ThreadFix empowers managers with vulnerability trending reports that show progress over time, giving them justification for their efforts.


ThreadFix is a platform with a number of components. Each subdirectory should have its own pom.xml files to support Maven builds. The major components in the repository include:

  • threadfix-cli-endpoints – Command-line utility to calculate the attack surface of an application and print it to standard output. This relies on the Hybrid Analysis Mapping (HAM) capabilities in the threadfix-ham/ component.
  • theadfix-cli – Command-line client for ThreadFix. This allows for scripting and automation of the ThreadFix platform.
  • threadfix-extras – Experimental tools and ThreadFix proof-of-concept projects.
  • threadfix-ham – Hybrid Analysis Mapping (HAM) technology used in ThreadFix that performs lightweight static analysis of application source code to calculate attack surfaces and map application attack surface endpoints to source code locations.
  • threadfix-ide-plugin – IDE plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ that pulls vulnerability data from ThreadFix and highlights these vulnerabilities in application source code.
  • threadfix-main – Main ThreadFix server application. This is a Java-based Spring/Hibernate web application with associated web services. Other components of the ThreadFix platform call into the ThreadFix server.
  • threadfix-scanagent – External scan agent that can run automated application security scans on behalf of a ThreadFix server.
  • threadfix-scanner-plugin – Scanner plugins that can connect to a ThreadFix server and import an application’s attack surface to improve the thoroughness of dynamic scanning. Also allows for exporting scan results directly into ThreadFix (rather than saving files and uploading them.)
  • threadfix-update – Update scripts to upgrade the ThreadFix server database between versions.


Changelog v2.1M1

  • Among the 82 bug fixes and feature updates.
  • New vulnerability search capability lets you slice and dice vulnerability data in a much more flexible way than was possible with the previous reports functionality. You can also save filters for later use. In addition, you can access this new vulnerability search via the REST API and command-line client.
  • Scan importers are now pluggable and get reloaded when ThreadFix starts. This should be a huge help as we work to keep these up to date with changing file formats and the inclusion of new scanners. Also we’ve started importing more data from the original scan files such as attack requests and responses. This should provide better context about imported vulnerabilities and help with vulnerability triage. It will take some time to get all of the importers updated, but we’re working on it and making progress.
  • User interface and user experience updates to better show progress during potentially long operations. Also drag-and-drop file uploads – fun!
  • Vulnerability taxonomy updated to MITRE CWE 2.6
  • Support for new scanners – Cenzic/Trustwave Hailstorm and Checkmarx.
  • Support for new defect trackers – HP Quality Center and VersionOne.


Exciting new features included in ThreadFix 2.0 Community Edition:


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Download ThreadFix v2.1M1 Community Edition

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