SpiderFoot v2.1.5 Released

SpiderFoot v2.1.5 Released

SpiderFoot is a free, open-source footprinting tool, enabling you to perform various scans against a given domain name in order to obtain information such as sub-domains, e-mail addresses, owned netblocks, web server versions and so on. The main objective of SpiderFoot is to automate the footprinting process to the greatest extent possible, freeing up a penetration tester’s time to focus their efforts on the security testing itself. SpiderFoot has written in Python and runs on Linux, *BSD and Windows.


Changelog v2.5 (Bug Fix Release)

  • Fixed UTF8 error when handling some cookies
  • Reduced false positives in PasteBin results and improved result identification
  • Smarter by default for finding LinkedIn profiles
  • Additional TCP ports added by default (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, VNC, Remote Desktop)
  • Fixed file meta reader bug when XML is malformed in office files
  • Made name finder module tunable
  • sfp_dns caches resolved names so that names aren’t re-resolved

More Information: here

Download SpiderFoot v2.1.5


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