Hook Analyser v3.1 Released

Hook Analyser is a freeware application which allows an investigator/ analyst to perform “static & run-time / dynamic” analysis of suspicious application, also gather (analyse & co-related) threat intelligence related information (or data) from various open sources on the Internet.

Hook Analyser v3.1

Changelog v3.1

In this build, significant changes have been made to static malware analysis (option #3) and Cyber threat intelligence (option #6)modules, along with addition of a new module – batch analysis (option #7).
Following are key changes made –
    1. (Major Improvements) Cyber threat intelligence module 
      1. (Added) : New dashboard – which includes 
        1. Global threat-landscape  
        2. Keyword based malware intelligence 
        3. IP based intelligence.
      2. (Added) : IP based intelligence output in XML format
      3. (Reference) : Videos – 
  1. (Moderate Improvements) Static malware analysis module –
    1. (Added) : Signed file/malware detection and certificate extraction
    2. (Modified) :  Deep detection signatures improved
    3. (Added) : Output in XML format
  2. (Moderate Improvements) Other bug fixes
  3. (Minor Addition) Batch analysis module – Perform static analysis on all files in a directory.


More Information: here


Download Hook Analyser v3.1

Thanks to our friend Beenu Arora, for sharing this tool with us.


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