[New Tool] sn00p v0.8 Beta – Automation framework for security tests

sn00p is a modular tool written in bourne shell and designed to chain and automate security tools and tests. It parses target definitions from the commandline and runs corresponding modules afterwards. sn00p can also parse a given nmap logfile for open tcp and udp ports. All results will be logged in specified directories and a report can subsequently be generated.

It is easy to adjust sn00p according to your needs by simply adding your own modules and audits.

Another aspect of sn00p is that you can use it as a reference guide for security tests by commenting all audits in each module.

sn00p is NOT intended to be a security framework or scanner! It is up to the user to define his own modules and audits. The predefined modules are written as examples using well-known tools and test scenarios.

More Information: here

Download sn00p v0.8 Beta



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