Rooted Con Spain Security Tools Event is born – Rooted Warfare First Edition

Rooted Con Spain Security Tools Event is born – Rooted Warfare First Edition

I’m very proud to announce that ToolsWatch is teaming up with Rooted CON Folks to bring the First Tools Event session for this Security Congress. Rooted CON was started with the purpose of promoting the exchange of knowledge among members of the security community , in particular by claiming the enormous capacity of the Spanish-speaking professionals


The idea for this Tools Event started a year ago when i met again my friend Jaime Sanchez (@segofensiva), a talented spanish hacker with an impressive background during the Blackhat/Defcon in USA. After a couple of drinks and under the spell of the spectacular view of Las Vegas by night. We concluded : Hell yeah, let’s do it !!

The Rooted Warfare will be held during the Congress Rooted Con from 6 to 8 March 2014 in the city of Madrid, Spain known for its beauty and ​​dwellers warm hospitality. Read some information about Madrid in Spain

The details about the CFT – Call for Tools will be posted this week. We will keep you informed through the official twitter channel @RootedWarfare and from @Toolswatch

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Rooted Warfare is another occasion for the European / International Hackers and Security Developers to dazzle the Community with their work.



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