IPv6 Toolkit v1.5.2 Released

A security assessment and troubleshooting tool for the IPv6 protocols.

Changelog v1.5.2

  • Add support for GNU Debian/kfreebsd. The toolkit would not build on GNU Debian/kfreebsd before this release.
  • Add support for TCP/IPv6 probes. tcp6 can now send TCP/IPv6 packets (“–probe-mode” option), and read the TCP response packets, if any. This can be leveraged for port scans, and miscellaneous measurements.

Supported platforms

  • The following platforms are supported: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, and Mac OS.

List of Tools and Manual Pages

  • flow6: A tool to perform a security asseessment of the IPv6 Flow Label.
  • frag6: A tool to perform IPv6 fragmentation-based attacks and to perform a security assessment of a number of fragmentation-related aspects.
  • icmp6: A tool to perform attacks based on ICMPv6 error messages.
  • jumbo6: A tool to assess potential flaws in the handling of IPv6 Jumbograms.
  • na6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Advertisement messages.
  • ni6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Node Information messages, and assess possible flaws in the processing of such packets.
  • ns6: A tool to send arbitrary Neighbor Solicitation messages.
  • ra6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Advertisement messages.
  • rd6: A tool to send arbitrary ICMPv6 Redirect messages.
  • rs6: A tool to send arbitrary Router Solicitation messages.
  • scan6: An IPv6 address scanning tool.
  • tcp6: A tool to send arbitrary TCP segments and perform a variety of TCP-based attacks.

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