Bing-ip2hosts v0.4 Released

Bing-IP2hosts – Enumerate hostnames for an IP using This feature is can be used with the IP: parameter in the search query as shown in the image above. Bing-ip2hosts uses this feature to enumerate all hostnames which Bing has indexed for a specific IP address. Licensed under GPLv3.

This technique is considered best practice during the reconnaissance phase of a penetration test in order to discover a larger potential attack surface. Bing-ip2hosts is written in the Bash scripting language for Linux. This uses the mobile interface and no API key is required.

Changelog v0.4

  • Updated usage
  • Fixed tmp file issue where files weren’t being deleted
  • Resolves hostnames using nslookup instead of resolveip (Thanks Xavier Mertens)

More Information: here

Download Bing-ip2hosts v0.4

MaxiSoler @maxisoler