Suricata IDPE v1.4.7 Released

Suricata IDPE v1.4.7 Released

Suricata is a rule-based ID/PS engine that utilises externally developed rule sets to monitor network traffic and provide alerts to the system administrator when suspicious events occur. Designed to be compatible with existing network security components, Suricata features unified output functionality and pluggable library options to accept calls from other applications.


Changelog v1.4.7

  • Bug #996: tag keyword: tagging sessions per time is broken
  • Bug #1000: delayed detect inits thresholds before de_ctx
  • Bug #1001: ip_rep loading problem with multiple values for a single ip
  • Bug #1022: StreamTcpPseudoPacketSetupHeader : port swap logic isn’t consistent
  • Bug #1047: detect-engine.profile – custom value parsing broken
  • Bug #1063: rule ordering with multiple vars

More Information: here

MaxiSoler @maxisoler