radare2, the reverse engineering framework v0.9.6 released

Radare2 is an open-source reverse engineering toolkit, consisting of a disassembler, debugger and hex editor.


  •     Multi-architecture and multi-platform
    •         GNU/Linux, Android, *BSD, OSX, iPhoneOS, Windows{32,64} and Solaris
    •         8051, x86{16,32,64}, dalvik, avr, arc{4,compact}, arm, aarch64, c55x+, java, powerpc, sparc, mips, bf
    •         pe{32,64}, te, [fat]mach0{32,64}, elf{32,64}, bios/uefi, dex and java classes
  •     Highly scriptable
    •         Vala, Go, Python, Guile, Ruby, Perl, Lua, Java, JavaScript, sh, ..
    •         batch mode and native plugins with full internal API access
    •         native scripting based in mnemonic commands and macros
  •     Hexadecimal editor
    •         64bit offset support with virtual addressing and section maps
    •         Assemble and disassemble from/to many architectures
    •         colorizes opcodes, bytes and debug register changes
    •         print data in various formats (int, float, disasm, timestamp, ..)
    •         search multiple patterns or keywords with binary mask support
    •         checksumming and data analysis of byte blocks
  •     IO is wrapped
    •         support Files, disks, processes and streams
    •         virtual addressing with sections and multiple file mapping
    •         handles gdb:// and rap:// remote protocols
  •     Filesystems support
    •         allows to mount ext2, vfat, ntfs, and many others
    •         support partition types (gpt, msdos, ..)
  •     Debugger support
    •         gdb remote and brainfuck debugger support
    •         software and hardware breakpoints
    •         tracing and logging facilities
  •     Diffing between two functions or binaries
    •         graphviz friendly code analysis graphs
    •         colorize nodes and edges
  •     Code analysis at opcode, basicblock, function levels
    •         embedded simple virtual machine to emulate code
    •         keep track of code and data references
    •         function calls and syscall decompilation
    •         function description, comments and library signatures

It comes also with User Interface support >> http://radare.org/y/?p=gui

See here the full radare2 v0.9.6 release note >> http://radare.org/get/changelog2-0.9.6-short

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Submittted by shushyou

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