Firebind Reflector v0.99 released – Enumerate firewall rules made easy !

Firebind is now offering a public instance of its path scanning solution, Firebind Reflector.

Using one of three client options (Java applet, Java command line, Ruby command line) users can specify one or more TCP/UDP ports.  The client will then send traffic over every specified port to Reflector in order to determine which ports are blocked (by firewalls, ACLs, etc.) and which are not.

Firebind’s technology is the only path scanner that can profile the status of any TCP or UDP point along a network path between while also categorizing blocked ports into 1 of 8 different blocked/filtered categories.
Use Firebind Reflector to enumerate firewall rules by scanning the entire 1-64k TCP and UDP ranges.  With 2 command line client options, scans can be scripted with ease.  Reflector’s RESTful API (JSON, XML, CSV) provides an easy path to export scan results to third-party applications.

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Submitted by Dave Patterson (Tool’s author)


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