[CLOSED] Vote For 2013 Best Security Tool

[CLOSED] Vote For 2013 Best Security Tool

Dear friends,

The year 2013 is coming to an end and it was particularly rich with open source and free tools. Current this year, I did what I could to keep you up to date with news and updates.

The  Blackhat Arsenal Sessions have hugely helped some developers to advertise the fruits of their labor. This small Survey is totally different from the catalog “Tools in the Hook” which will also be published at the end of the year.

The Best Tools of 2013 should list the TOP 10 of your favorite tools you tested or used during your various technical peregrination. You will be the sole judges, the results will be based on the statistics.

Vote by giving your opinion about why you have chosen a particular tool.

We will meet at the end of the year for the guide to the Best hacking tools of 2013

  • No commercial software
  • Only Open source or Free Software (Both individuals or Companies are accepted)
  • Injecting malicious tags into the forms is prohibited. This is not a CTF 😉
  • You can advertise about your tool by any means (tell your friends, twitter, FB etc). You should not put me in the loop when you do so (ex: retweeting about your tool and adding my handle @toolswatch).
  • I’m not voting and vFeed (my own tool) is not entering the context.
  • Hug me if you spot me in some security event. This is the only bribery i can accept.


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NJ Ouchn

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