BHack 2nd Edition – Brazilian Security Conference (June 2013)

BHack 2nd Edition – Brazilian Security Conference (June 2013)

Always is a pleasure go to Brazil and meet with the Brazilian Hackers. They are easy going, happy and talented guys.

In this occassion I was in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais – Brazil at the University FUMEC, for the 2nd Edition of BHack Conference during 22-23 of June.

Not only a conference, BHack also included others events in parallel as OWASP Uai Day and Slackware Show, with activities as Lockpicking, Workshops and a Capture The Flag.


Actually I’m learning Brazilian Portuguese and was a challenge stay all day talking. It’s similar to Spanish (Argentina), my native language, but with SOME notable differences.

This was my first time at BHack, I’ve enjoyed the conference, the city, the food and hope stay there again for the next year. Special Thanks to Crash and the Organization to make it possible! or “Muito Obrigado” 🙂

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