[Report] For Their Eyes Only: The Commercialization of Digital Spying (The Citizen Lab)

The Citizen Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk School of Global Affairs,at the University of Toronto, Canada focusing on advanced research and development at the intersection of digital media, global security, and human rights.

Report: For Their Eyes Only: The Commercialization of Digital Spying

by: Morgan Marquis-Boire, Bill Marczak, Claudio Guarnieri & John Scott-Railton

From the Report:

The report features new findings, as well as consolidating a year of our research on the commercial market for offensive computer network intrusion capabilities developed by Western companies.

Our new findings include:

  • We have identified FinFisher Command & Control servers in 11 new Countries. Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Panama, Lithuania, Macedonia, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Austria.
  • Taken together with our previous research, we can now assert that FinFisher Command & Control servers are currently active, or have been present, in 36 countries.

  • We have also identified a FinSpy sample that appears to be specifically targeting Malay language speakers, masquerading as a document discussing Malaysia’s upcoming 2013 General Elections. Click here for a plain-language summary of our findings from Malaysia, as well as background on FinFisher.
  • We identify instances where FinSpy makes use of Mozilla’s Trademark and Code. The latest Malay-language sample masquerades as Mozilla Firefox in both file properties and in manifest. This behavior is similar to samples discussed in some of our previous reports, including a demo copy of the product, and samples targeting Bahraini activists.

More Information: here

Download (PDF): For Their Eyes Only: The Commercialization of Digital Spying

Thank you Morgan Marquis-Boire for sharing this report!


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