[Paper] WASC: Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria v1.0 (SATEC)

The goal of the SATEC (Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria) project is to create a vendor-neutral set of criteria to help guide application security professionals during the process of acquiring a static code analysis technology that is intended to be used during source-code driven security programs. This document provides a comprehensive list of criteria that should be considered during the evaluation process.


  • Version 1.0
  • Date: 2013

Target Audience:
The target audience of this document is the technical staff of software organizations who are looking to automate parts of their application security assurance programs using one or more static code analysis technology, as well as application security professionals who are responsible for performing application security reviews. The document will take into consideration those who would be evaluating the technology and those who would actually be using it.

The purpose of this document is to develop a set of criteria that should be taken into consideration while evaluating static code analysis tools or services for security testing. The vendor-neutral criteria defined in this document are selected using a consensus-driven review process comprised of volunteer subject matter experts. Every organization is unique and has a unique software development environment, this document aims to help organizations achieve their application security goals through acquiring the most suitable tool for their own unique environment. The document will strictly stay away from evaluating or rating vendors. However, it will focus on the most important aspects of static code analysis technologies that would help the target audience identify the best technology for their environment and development needs.

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