Kautilya v0.4.3 Released New exfiltration methods and faster payloads

Kautilya is a toolkit which provides various payloads for Teensy device which may help in breaking in a computer. The toolkit is written in Ruby.

  • The Windows payloads and modules are written mostly in powershell (in combination with native commands) and are tested on Windows 7.
  • The Linux payloads are mostly commands in combination with little Bash scripting. These are tested on Ubuntu 11.

Changelog v0.4.3

  • Names of various payloads have been changed, mostly to remove pastebin from the name.
  • Shortened variables names and poweshell cmdlets names in many payloads. Payloads are “typed” much faster by HID now.
  • Fixed a bug on Get Target Credentials payload.
  • Fixed a bug in DNS TXT Backdoor.
  • Hashdump payload now uses TokenDuplication and does not schedules a task on the target, this means the payload is faster now.
  • New communication options added to various payloads which exports data to pastebin/gmail/tinypaste.
  • Posts to pastebin now use HTTPS.

Full Changelog: here

Download Kautilya v0.4.3

Thank you Nikhil Mittal  to sharing this tool with us.


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