iKAT 2013 – Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool Released

iKAT was designed to aid security consultants with the task of auditing the security of internet Kiosk terminals. iKAT is designed to provide access to the underlying operating system of a Kiosk terminal by invoking native OS functionality.

iKAT 2013

New Additions

iKAT 2013 is generally a refinement of the iKAT software, with a smoother exploitation path – more exploits, and better compatibility.

New Features:

  • The iKAT Girl is back!!
  • New Download Methods for each of the iKAT Tools
  • Smoother / Faster exploitation
  • Many resolved bugs and issues
  • Refined and updated tools

iKAT Desktop
iKAT Desktop is easy to use and only requires an installation of Metasploit. Once installed, iKAT will start its own web server and a back-end Metasploit server instance.

It should be noted that the Desktop version of iKAT has several restrictions, but is otherwise fully functional and will give you the same experience as the online version of iKAT.
iKAT PwnMap
Information where was possible getting shell, the level of access gained and the OS in
use on the remote host. The iKAT PWNMap is available at http://ikat.ha.cked.net/pwnmap


iKAT Pro / iKAT Live
iKAT Desktop and the iKAT Website now feature the infamous ‘iKAT Girl‘ – a half-naked girl who acts as a hacking deterrent.

iKAT Professional is a discreet version of iKAT Desktop, featuring more technological advancements, more exploits, more browser add-on’s and a completely discreet professional look.

If you want to be using iKAT on a client site, you need iKAT Professional.

iKAT Live is a subscription based model to an online version of iKAT Professional, for those who do not need their own iKAT Professional instance locally – but still require the technological advancements, and the discreet design.

Currently both products are in pre-release, and you can register your interest at http://ikat.ha.cked.net/store to receive a discount when they become available.


Download iKAT 2013


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