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Published on April 7th, 2013 | by NJ Ouchn


Evil Foca (Alpha Version) released

Evil Foca (Alpha Version) is a tool for Pentesters and Security Auditors to perform security testing in IPv4/ IPv6 data networks.

The tool is capable to do different attacks such as:

  • MITM on IPv4 networks using ARP Spoofing and DHCP ACK injection.
  • MITM on IPv6 networks using Neighbor Advertisement Spoofing, SLAAC Attack, fake DHCPv6.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) on IPv4 networks using ARP Spoofing.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) on IPv6 networks using SLAAC Attack.
  • DNS Hijacking.

Automatically takes care of network scan and identify all the devices and their respective network interfaces, specifying their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and physical addresses.


Evil Foca is divided into 4 panels, the left panel shows the devices found on the network, where you can add them, and filter the results

The second panel, arranged in the center with all the possible attacks to perform with the tool, and on the right a short description of each one.

Under the previous panel, shows the attacks being made, its configuration and status, allowing on or off.

Finally, the bottom panel where shows the event log of Evil Foca.


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