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New SCADA Default Passwords added to DPE xml Database

Well, i spent this snowy sunday digging into few ICS (Industrial Control Systems) vendors documentation. And here is what i come up with.

  • 4 Siemens WinCC 7.x  passwords never heard about (or at least i got no information on google). Those are related to some Demo Accounts. I found them in a documentation called “Hardening Siemens WinCC 7.x”. Siemens recommended to remove them from the Database.
    • winccd / winccpass
    • wincce / winccpass
    • DMUser / Data&Pass
    • Administrator /  Administrator
  • Siemens Synco Ozw Web Server was reported in a CVE-2012-3020 to handle unspecified default accounts. Well, digging in more Siemens documentation (SyncoTM, SyncoTM living Web server OZW772  V2.0 Commissioning instructions) leads to unreveal the default password.
    • Administrator / Password
  • I choose randomly 2 ICS vendors just to prove that SCADA systems security is a nonsense
    • Moxa www.moxa.com
      • 2 default passwords in a bunch of  Series Railway Remote I/O  (ioLogik E12xx ,  ioLogik E15xx ) just to name a few.
        • Http on Port 9020  . username = none /  password =  root
        • Http on Port 9020  . username = none /  password =  none
      • 2 default passwords in a  bunch of Cellular Micro RTU Controller (ioLogik W53xx, ioLogik)
      • Now, this is my favorite. IA240/241 Embedded computer. It’s a linux based system. And guess what, it ships with a vulnerable FTP server (ftp server wu-2.6.1) according to documentation screenshots. Anyway, you dont need to fire up metasploit and craft your payload. Here a the default password (50 ways to leave your lover). Sorry, for those who are seeking for the challenge 🙂
        • telnet root / root
        • ftp  root / blank
        • ppp root / blank
        • serial console root / root
      • Some story for this one ioPAC 8020-C
    • westermo www.westermo.com
      • Tele modem TDW-33 has 2 default accounts.
        • normal dial-up password is “blank”
        • remote configuration (with a call back)  password “n3Y9kA6otYZu8”. This one is hard coded and could be used by Westermo Support (nothing confirmed but i need to dive more into this one. It could be very serious

I still have a tons of documentation to read. Will keep you update.

One more thing, i updated the DPE – Default Password Enumeration (both Parser (now returns the CVE) and DB) to reflect the changes with these new additions (i also added Sinapis astridservice & 36e44c9b64 passwords)


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