SinFP3 v1.00 The operating system fingerprinting tool released is more than a passive and active OS fingerprinting tool. Some examples below showing how to make sinfp3 dancing

# Single port active fingerprinting -target -port 80 -input-ipport -verbose 1
# Single port IPv6 active fingerprinting -target -port 80 -input-ipport -verbose 1 -6
# SynScan active fingerprinting of a single target -target -port top100 -verbose 1
# SynScan IPv6 active fingerprinting of a single target -target -port top100 -verbose 1 -6
# SynScan active fingerprinting of a target subnet -target -port top100 -verbose 1
# Passive fingerprinting -mode-passive -search-active -input-sniff -verbose 1
# Passive IPv6 fingerprinting -mode-passive -search-active -input-sniff -verbose 1 -6
# Active fingerprinting of LAN -input-arpdiscovery -verbose 1
# Active fingerprinting of IPv6 LAN -input-arpdiscovery -verbose 1 -6
# Simply SynScan the target -target -port full -mode-null -search-null -db-null -verbose 1


 - improvement: added a score (easier to understant than matching masks)

   - improvement: added patternTcpWScale and patternTcpOLength
   - improvement: -4 parameter no more required
     => new algo matches all signatures, and keeps the best matches
   - improvement:
     => new algo matches all signatures (v4 and v6), and keeps the best
   - improvement: new passive fingerprinting engine
   - feature: multiple output modules are available
   - feature: update database argument
   - feature: now using Net::Frame modules
   - feature: generated pcap file now contains hostname i/o IP
   - feature: generate IPv6 anonymous pcap as with IPv4
   - feature: auto-lookup IPv6 target MAC address
   - update: P1 now uses TCP MSS option to avoid filtering device to
             drop packets without this option
   - update: SQL database schema (OsVersionChildren table)
   - update: and sinfp.db becomes and sinfp3.db
   - ... and lots of bug fixes

NJ Ouchn

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